Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Second test!

This is a second test of the read more system!

If you can read this without clicking the read more button, something went wrong.


Just Setting Up

This first post will probably be deleted later. I'm just getting this blog set up, and I need a post which is long enough to set up my test of how I actually handle the spoilers! (I will institute the old "read more...." button.)

The point of this blog is to be able to discuss spoilers freely. Some of the posts will be adjunct to my main blog, The Daring Novelist. Whenever I want to discuss a spoiler, I will link to a post here, so that people who want to avoid them don't have to worry about accidentally seeing the spoilers.

The main purpose of this blog, though, will be for full plot breakdowns and analysis of movies. If you want to learn to weave together a plot, there is nothing better than to break down and analyze a movie - movies are very structural. You can see the parts. But you can't talk about plot without talking about endings. And you can't talk about successful twists without revealing the twists.

That's what this blog is about.